Our Story

Inletex is a product of WEX Computing Solutions Inc. WEX Computing Solutions Inc was founded in 2003.

Our IT practitioners were wasting hours every day traveling back and forth to the customer sites for in-person troubleshooting. For many complex issues phone support was not an option. We at WEX could not find a remote control solution available on the market that would be cost-effective and had all the features we needed. We then decided to develop our own remote support solution. That’s how Inletex was born.

After completion of the development, WEX was able to offer more effective support and respond more quickly to customer issues. Considering dramatic productivity improvement, WEX put the Inletex solution on the market to see if other IT professionals had the same needs for an effective remote support solution. Commercially available Inletex Easy Remote Control (ERC) was the offered product.

Since then, Inletex solutions have enabled our clients to gain control over their remote infrastructure all over the world. Inletex Easy Remote Control is our unique provider of the remote support solutions, offering greater security and lower total cost of ownership. With the Easy Remote Control our clients can eliminate their financial overhead and greatly enhance the efficiency of their help desks and support departments.

Our software does not require any installation or pre-configuration, and it works between virtually any two computers anywhere in the world, even through corporate firewalls and NAT.