EMC Help

Getting Started


Main window


Easy Meeting Classic main window

Creating a new shared session

  • Press “Create New Session” button:

Establish new shared session

  • Share your IP address with meeting¬†participants:

Shared session window

  • Click¬† “Close” button to stop your shared session. All joined participants will be disconnected.
Important! When creating a shared session for the first time – allow Windows to create a firewall rule for Inletex Easy Meeting Classic:

Windows Firewall - Allow Access

Joining a shared session

  • Run Inletex Easy Meeting Classic (you will see the main window)
  • Upon receiving a session IP address from the session creator, press “Join Session” button:

Join session

  • Enter your name and the IP address of the shared session. Press “Join Session” button:

Join session dialog

  • The shared desktop will be displayed
  • To switch to Full Screen mode, press “Full Screen” button:

Full Screen mode

  • When in full screen mode, move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen to access the floating toolbar.
  • To exit from Full Screen mode, click “Exit Full Screen” button on the floating toolbar:

Exit Full Screen mode

  • To leave the shared session press “Leave Session” button (this will not affect other participants):

Exit session