Inletex Licensing

ERC Licensing

Inletex Easy Remote Control comprises of two end-user modules: Supporter and Client. Anybody who provides remote support to their clients will be using the Supporter module.

Only Supporter modules have to be licensed.

One license per support representative is required.

For example, in case you have only one support representative who provides services to many clients using Easy Remote Control – you will need to buy just a single ERC Supporter license. If two of your support representatives use ERC – you will need to buy two licenses.

Monthly and Annual

One-Time Purchase

As long as your subscription is active you are:

  • Licensed to use ERC Supporter
  • Fully supported
  • Upgrade eligible for no extra charge
You can use the purchased copies of ERC Supporter and all eligible upgrades perpetually. One-time purchase includes:
  • No recurring fees
  • 2 years of Full Support
  • 3 years of free upgrades


ERC Enterprise

A single Professional license includes:
  • 1 Supporter license
  • Access to Inletex-hosted Gateways: Internet connection is required
A single Enterprise license includes:
  • 5 Supporter licenses
  • Dedicated Gateway license: can be installed on-premise so no traffic leaves corporate network