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How do I get maximum performance when using Inletex Easy Remote Control?
Jul. 8, 2012 by Inletex Support
In Vista/Windows 7 set the visual theme to Windows Classic on both the Client and Supporter computers. Also, in Colors configuration of the ERC Supporter set the same settings as on the client's system.

I downloaded Easy Remote Control - but only get the Supporter module. From where can I download Easy Remote Control Client?
Mar. 1, 2012 by Inletex Support
You can download the ERC Client module from the Inletex home page: http://www.inletex.ca/ - you will see the Download ERC Client yellow button right below the ERC product description. We put it there to make it easier for the clients you support to access it.

In the settings menu what does "Block Size" mean and how does it affect responsiveness of the remote session? Is there a recommended value or does that simply depend upon the latency between the two PC's?
Mar. 1, 2012 by Richard Free, colorado
Screen sharing achieved by sending frames from a Client module to a Supporter module. Each frame is broken down into blocks, and each block is sent separately. Changing size of the blocks can sometimes affect the CPU load and overall responsiveness.There is no magical number which would work best in every situation, so play with this setting in order to find the best option for any given remote support session.

Is it possible to make a connection with Inletex Easy Meeting Classic to Windows XP native NetMeeting?
Mar. 4, 2012 by Inletex Support
Currently, only Easy Meeting Classic to Easy Meeting Classic connections are possible. However, you can run Easy Meeting Classic on Windows XP and connect it to the Windows 7 machine that also runs Easy Meeting Classic.


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