NetMeeting for Windows 7

NetMeeting for Windows 7

Can’t find NetMeeting in Windows 7 or Windows Vista? No wonder, Microsoft removed this useful tool from their latest OS. Don’t panic, Inletex Easy Meeting Classic has been developed just for that reason. Recently we’ve been contacted by many people complaining about not being able to find any simple desktop sharing solution. We are really happy to introduce a new member of Inletex family – Easy Meeting Classic 1.0

It does exactly what you’ve asked for – replacing a basic NetMeeting functionality. It’s simple, lightweight, and works in your private network using P2P connection!

Whether you want it just for personal use or to make it part of your enterprise infrastructure – no problem, it’s all yours.

9 Responses to “NetMeeting for Windows 7”

  1. YetAnotherUser says:

    Way to go guys! Used your Easy Meeting Classic on several occasions now – so far so good. I just switched from Windows XP to Widnows 7 and was looking for some tool that would allow me to share my desktop with my colleagues as I did in NetMeeting. Thanks and keep it free! :)

  2. Ayad Alhilo says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    Thank you for your useful software.
    I am wondering, where is File Transfer?
    How can users share audio / camera?
    These functions are important to consider this software as a successful alternative for MS NetMeeting.
    Thanks & regards

  3. Kasparek says:

    Is it possible to make a connection with Windows XP native NetMeeting, or just connections Easy Meeting Classic – Easy Meeting Classic are possible?

    • Hi! Thanks for the question – we will include it in our FAQ.
      Currently, only Easy Meeting Classic to Easy Meeting Classic connections are possible. Of course, you can run Easy Meeting Classic on Windows XP and connect it to the Windows 7 machine that also runs Easy Meeting Classic.

  4. Kasparek says:

    Does exist a portable version of Easy Meeting Classic?

    • Hi Kasparek,
      We assume that by a portable version you mean Easy Meeting Classic (ERC) for a mobile platform such as Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry or iPhone. The idea for ERC is to help people who want to use NetMeeting on Windows 7. So the product only runs on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Server versions of Microsoft operating systems. Currently, there are no plans to create mobile clients for ERC. Having said that, there are plans to bring our remote support solution – Easy Remote Control – to the major mobile platforms.

      • Kasparek says:

        I meant a version for a desktop OS. But I didn’t check download package. Now I now that it is not needed to install Easy Meeting Classic.

        • That’s right, no installation is required for any of our product: Easy Meeting Classic and Easy Remote Control. We try hard to make them really easy to use :)

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