3rd Party Reviews

Avi Waingart - IT Network Manager
In the past years we, at NETAFIM, have struggled to find and adapt a proper and suitable solution for remote control laptops of our mobile users. We tried different products in the past, but none of the market products fitted our needs. Finally we have exposed to the ERC product. This was truly a turning point for us.Since the day we have installed and started to use the ERC, our support tools and support quality has been increased significantly.
Avi Waingart - IT Network Manager Netafim
After having beaten several times with the functions of WinMess and even WinLivMess, to get remote assistance working when the two parties are behind Box (Neuf Telecom, Wanadoo, Free and others), a friend introduced me this absolutely cool software… It’s very light to download and store No installation It works on the first try It leaves no trace It is fast, reliable and That holds all its promises In few words “if it does not exist, it would be necessary to invent it!
Ypoons Microsoft MVP Windows Shell / User, France
As the developer and distributor of a mainstream application, I needed a remote control system that had to be both fast and easy to setup on the client side. ERC fully meets my expectations in both areas. Customers with very limited computing skills could easily setup the client module and allow me to remotely maintain their systems in a secure environment.
Patrick Philippot Microsoft MVP / MainSoft , France